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ITU Multisport World Championships Penticton 2017 is proud to unveil the inaugural MULTISPORT LEGEND program.
MULTISPORT LEGEND is the proud title earned by any athlete that races and completes four World Championship races at ITU Multisport World Championship Festival Penticton August 2017.
Athletes must complete four races in ten days. One of the races must be either Aquabike or Long Distance Triathlon. ITU rules will allow athletes to complete this challenge in the current schedule.
How to become a MULTISPORT LEGEND:

  1. Find out where and when qualifying races are in your country and criteria for representing your country from your National Federation.
  2. Train Hard and qualify for at least one of the four races as a World Championship athlete. Athletes may race the other three events as an Open Wave athlete.
  3. Race and complete all four events during ITU Multisport World Championship Festival and be crowned a MULTISPORT LEGEND.

MULTISPORT LEGENDS will receive a special award at the end of ITU Multisport World Championship Festival and bragging rights for life.



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