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Homestay Families

Do you live in the Penticton area and are willing to welcome an athlete from a different country into your home? Are you looking for a cultural experience for your family? The ITU Multisport World Championships is coming to Penticton and we need all the accommodations we can get…WE NEED YOU!! Our homestay program is intended to be a FREE service to allow as many athletes as possible to come experience the amazing Okanagan Valley. However, homestay families and athletes can work out any fees per night between themselves. Up-front payment is recommended and the Penticton 2017 ITU Multisport World Championship Festival will not be responsible if a payment is not made.

Homestays are a great way to help athletes come to Penticton that otherwise may not be able to on a tight budget. Possible countries that a homestay may come from are Basil, Japan, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Australia and many more. What a great opportunity for you to prove why Canada is the best country in the World!!

Please fill out the quick form below so we can get to know you and what you may be able to offer.

Homestay - Families

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Currently not accepting applications until our host home inventory meets demand. We are making our best effort to find a place for every athlete however International Athletes will be given priority placements. Please remember homestays are NOT guaranteed..