Getting Here


The Penticton Regional Airport, conveniently located at the south end of Penticton, offers up to four scenic and quick flights from Vancouver International Airport daily via Air Canada Jazz. Daily flights are now being offered by WestJet Encore between Penticton and Calgary.

Arrival & departure schedule

Sample Flight Travel Times: (includes layover times)

From Penticton Airport:
Penticton to Vancouver – 55 minutes
Penticton to Calgary – 1 hour
Penticton to Edmonton (via Calgary) – 3.5 hours
Penticton to Fort McMurray (via Calgary) – 6 hours
Penticton to Toronto (via Vancouver) – 6.5 hours

From Kelowna Airport – (1.25 hours drive from Penticton):
Kelowna to Edmonton – 1 hour
Kelowna to Fort McMurray – 2 hours
Kelowna to Toronto – 5 hours
Kelowna to Puerto Vallarta – 6 hours

*actual flight times will vary depending on flights and connections booked.

Helicopter charters are also available through Eclipse Helicopters, while Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. provides flight charters, rentals and tours.

Several carriers fly into the Kelowna International Airport, which features air service between other major destinations.


Serving 1.44 million passengers annually, YLW offers 64 daily non-stop commercial flights with Air Canada, WestJet, Alaska Airlines, Central Mountain Air and Northwestern Air and to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Seattle, Victoria, Prince George, Edmonton, and Red Deer, plus seasonal service to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun.

  • There are 19 destinations in Canada, U.S. and Mexico served with non-stop flights from the region’s two airports, each within one-hour drive of Penticton;
  • Because of non-stop flights from Penticton/ Kelowna airports to major hubs of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Los Angeles and San Francisco, there are more than 350 destinations within with one-stop service the region, including Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dubai, Istanbul, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong and Sydney.